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Some key facts about MeltDown Icecream

Ernie cartwright founded MeltDown Icecream when he was only 32 years old

Founding story - In 1932 at the age of 10 Ernie Cartwright tasted Ice cream and loved it.
He decided he would make his own company when he was older.
It wasn't until he was 29 he started creating his own ice cream 3 years later he perfected 3 recipes(vanilla, chocolate and Strawberry) and founded Meltdown Ice cream.

Our values

We at meltdown guarantee that all our product is made of the freshest ingrediants. We want the best for our customers
So for the first 20 people that buy the chillain spice icecream we will give a 20% discount. And if any of our products don't satisfy you we will give you a 80% refund.

What we are selling

So far we are only selling 6 flavours of Ice cream due to the fact that we are on budget.

Please contact 021088292 if you we have breached any concerns of yours or if you have complaints about our project.
Or send us a letter at PO box NZ wellington tawa 101 raroa street.

From all of us at meltdown we want to say thanks for buying our products